Living in Newmarket offers me a wealth of opportunities to get out early in the morning and photograph the wonderful rhythm of the town. The daily routine of the trainers, stable staff, riders and horses are the town's timekeepers. I feel very fortunate to be able to witness and capture beautiful moments in all weathers and enjoy some truly spectacular conditions.


Landscape photography is where it all began for me. A snapshot of a rickety old fence stretching out to Buttermere in the Lake District many years ago while on holiday, gave me the subject for my first 'proper' photograph. The beautiful light, the soft tones and hues of the landscape captivated me, and has done ever since.


I love the sea. I always have. Watching the ocean – be it calm or wild, brings a sense of peace to me. I am constantly drawn to the ocean, so to photograph it, is the icing on the cake. Standing on the shoreline, camera poised on the tripod, cable-release in hand, rugged up warm waiting for beautiful soft dawn light over the rolling tide, is complete switch off time. I really do forget about everything else.


Monochrome is a wonderful thing and my favourite way to work. But I appreciate that some moments just work better in colour. How can you capture a vibrant green landscape in spring, the copper tones and warm light of autumn or the deep azure blues of the ocean at sunrise? In my colour gallery I share with you some of my favourite 'chroma' images.